Relax Leader Package (for set of 5)

For a fuller description please see below. There is a question and answer page here (opens in new window). Simply add the Starter kit to the shopping cart, then add the number of Expansion kits you require. There is enough equipment in each Starter Package for 10 participants, so if you wanted to cater for groups of 15, for example, you would need one Starter kit and one Expansion kit. Any questions, please don't hesitate. Thanks Allen


After the successful launch of our meditation pilots we are now looking for motivated people to lead meditation groups in their area. Whilst no formal qualifications are required, we ask our applicants to have a keen interest in meditation and wellbeing, and a passion to learn. Obviously, an eagerness to help spread wellbeing in your chosen area is a valuable asset, along with a desire to be successful.
Your participants will use the Vitali-Chi equipment that you supply them with (part of your Kit) and that gets them into the meditative ‘zone’ very easily, even if they have never meditated before. They also don’t have to use the traditional cross legged position and many see that as a benefit. Participants choose to sit in a chair or most lie on a yoga mat on the floor. Every session follows a carefully constructed script, designed not only to deliver a superb meditation but to also help with the healing process. The feedback from our pilot groups has been extraordinary and those groups continue to grow, both in popularity and in size of class. We are now ‘ready’ to take the concept into schools, hospitals and companies and need a willing team to help us to achieve our goals (to spread greater peace and wellbeing).

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