VITALI-CHI BOOST enhances and delivers therapeutic amounts of vibrational frequencies via the energy field. VITALI-CHI BOOST has been designed for use for by the 'layman' and the experienced practitioner as it increases wellbeing and can also be used for preventative care. It is also an invaluable tool for professionals who facilitate personal change as it can be used with visualisation, imagery work, affirmations or positive programming and can assist spiritual development as it helps clear the aura of emotional debris. An increased sensitivity to life energy may occur and one may experience enhanced intuitive abilities as the energy channels clear. It is effective in releasing hidden emotions, memories and patterns of bodily tension. All you need to help you on your meditation journey and a whole lot more. Vitali-Chi Boost brings all the benefits of Vitali-Chi Balance plus the added power of 'boosted' vibrational frequencies. Perfect for home and/or to use in your practice. Healing in a handy carry case...again, highly recommended! Your Boost contains: 1 set of head and spine copper mesh pads 1 Boost Bottle 1 box of 10 vibrational frequencies 1 Booster 2 sets of hand to foot connectors 1 healing Solfeggio frequency CD 2 spare washable cotton covers for the copper mesh pads 1 timer 1 cotton bag to hold the loose items All contained in an attractive carry case.
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