Weight Less

"Helps cleanse and detox the cells of negativity and habits that create the need to crave and over eat and never feel satiated. To be used alongside a healthy eating and exercise plan."

Get Help to Control Your Food Cravings with Vitali-Chi Weight Less Spritzer

Make your weight management schedule more effective with Vitali-Chi Weight Less Spritzer. A typical weight control program involves keeping a strict watch on the diet. Eating less calories and regular workout comprise a healthy approach for weight reduction. But, keeping control over food cravings naturally is always a big challenge for most of the people. Our wellbeing spritzers are devised to cleanse and detox the cells of those negative feelings, which give rise to craving for food. They assist your body and mind in taking control over overeating. You feel satisfied with the right amount of food that you should ideally be taking, without feeling depressed or weak. For best results the Weight Less spritzers should be used alongside a healthy eating and exercise plan.

Vitali-Chi Weight Less Wellbeing Spritzers feature a carefully assembled blend of bioresonance frequency, created from chosen gems, healing stones, crystals, and tissue salts. These bioresonance treatment frequencies have been captured in pure, distilled water, giving you a practical way to treat yourself with bioresonance, without the need to visit a clinic, use harmful fat burners or buy expensive machines. Bioresonance treatment frequencies help to fight away energy imbalances by restoring the natural frequencies among the body’s cells.

Our perfect sized spray bottles are easy to have on your person, your workplace, gym, or keep it handy in the dashboard of your car. Please note that Weight Less formula is also available in the form of a bath & shower gel, body cream, detox bath salts, exfoliating body polish, salt scrub, and shower gel – ensuring you always have a bioresonance remedy in a more usable form, best matched with your lifestyle preferences.

Usage instructions:

  • Spritz once in the mouth 8 times a day

Note: This alternate method of healing is not meant for replacing your on-going traditional medical treatment. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor in case of any doubts or emergency.

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