Time Zone

"Helps regulate circadian rhythm disorders. Great aid for jet lag and shift workers. Restores equilibrium."

Restore the State of Equilibrium for your Body and Mind with Vitali-Chi Time-Zone Spritzer

Trust Vitali-Chi Time-Zone Spritzers to bring back your body and mind in the natural state of balance. Our body is supposed to work according to a 24-hour biological clock, a mechanism decided by Mother Nature for us as well as for animals and plants. Accordingly, we are supposed to work during day time and sleep during night. Whenever we start working against this internal body clock rhythm, also known as the circadian rhythm, our natural body routine gets disrupted and this leads to Circadian Rhythm disorders. These disorders are mainly characterized by continuous or occasional disruption of sleep patterns. A person suffering from these disorders may at times feel excessively sleepy and at times may complain of insomnia. The Time-Zone wellbeing spritzers, which contain pure aqua and bioresonance frequencies sourced from natural elements like vitamins, minerals, colours, or tissue salts, help in regulating circadian rhythm disorders. They are particularly useful for frequent flyers with jet lag and for people who work in shifts.

Bioresonance therapy is a safer alternative to chemical-heavy conventional medications. This therapy is purely scientific in essence and natural in terms of ingredients. It is deep rooted in biophysical and quantum mechanics, and helps the cells to emotionally detox.

Our travel sized spray bottles are rather sturdy. Don’t worry about leaks; perfected atomizing action for quick, precise sprays without spills.

Aqua - The stuff of life. We only use the purest of distilled water which creates the perfect hypoallergenic suspension vehicle for the multiple bioresonance frequencies.

Multiple Bioresonance Frequencies:
VITALI-CHI Wellbeing and Skin Care Products contain natural frequencies that are sourced from flower essences, gems, crystals, elements, herbs, essential oils, vitamins, minerals or tissue salts. This unique vibrational formula helps at a deep level and enhances positive cell renewal.

Usage instructions:

  • Spritz once in the mouth 8 times a day

Note: This alternate method of healing is not meant for replacing your on-going traditional medical treatment. Do not hesitate to visit your doctor in case of any doubts or emergency.

"Helps regulate circadian rhythm disorders. Great aid for jet lag and shift workers. Restores equilibrium."

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